5 Tips on Posing

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5 Tips on Posing

Good posing doesn’t just happen.  It takes knowledge and practice to do it just right, so that it looks natural instead of forced and awkward.  Knowing how to position the bride and groom does several things; it helps tell their story, it highlights their best features, and draws the focus to their faces.  This creates clean, strong composition and makes the photo all about them.  

Read these posing tips and practice them before your engagement session and especially the wedding day.  Even if you don’t remember all of these tips on the big day, a professional photographer will guide you through these and other poses to ensure you look your absolute best in each photo. 

1.Stand up straight with shoulders back. 

Why?  It elongates your silhouette, making you appear taller. Standing tall like this portrays good posture and good health.  If you slouch, it will make your spine curve and visually add weight to your belly and neck. 

2.Heads and Necks – Get in front of a mirror and practice different movements

Why?  You probably have a side you feel shows off your features best.  Depending on how you hold your head, your jaw can be more defined and your neck slimmer.  Practice good posture – stretch out your neck and lift your chin, but keep it natural.  A chin angled too far downward will give the appearance of double chins; too high and you will show off your nostrils. 

3.Hand placement

For Guys – Place your hands on the small of her back

For Ladies– Place your hand nearest the camera on your fiancé’s bicep or lapel, and your far hand on the back of his neck

Why?  This masculine pose pulls the couple close together, creates a sense of intimacy, and definitely states, “We are a couple”.  It shows off his muscles, while also showing off your ring.  It has a huge side benefit of slimming the appearance of your upper arms.  When your arms are pressed against your torso, the camera will visually add weight to them.  This particular pose creates the illusion of an inverted triangle, starting at the hips, and extending upward to the head.  It’s a simple, clean look, its aesthetically pleasing, and shows off your love while looking longingly in each others eyes, or perhaps with her head and eyes tilted downward while he kisses her forehead.  From here, you might be asked to simply change the position of your head and the resulting image will have a completely different look and feel from the previous one. 

Sidebar: Make sure if your arms are down that they are loosely at your sides in a natural drape and don’t be afraid to flex a little bit!

4.Bend a knee and point your toes

Why?  Rather than standing with legs straight and feet flat on the ground, a sense of drama is portrayed with a slightly bent knee and toe pointing towards the ground.  This pose shows dynamic movement.  More importantly, it showcases your femininity.

5.Height Disparity.  Get your face near his. 

Why? Getting your faces close together communicates romance and makes for strong image composition.  Lets face it, not all couples are similar heights but there are many ways to achieve this look with body positioning.  For example, he might stand with his legs wide apart, while you stand straight up and press against him.  This lowers his head and puts it closer to yours.  If he is significantly taller than you, a step-stool might be necessary for some shots.  A professional photographer has many ways to bring the couple into the same visual plane for amazing images. 


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